Two HDD disk parallel surfaces

Profilometer 100m step height feature is demonstrated.

HDD slider

Air Bearing Surface Shape, Pole Tip Recession, Cavity Depth at nm scale is measured.

Contour Lines: Surface Measurement

Fused silica plate (250 mm) relief is measured

3D Profile of Fused Silica Plate

Fused silica plate (250 mm) relief is measured.

Cylinder Baffles Relief

Cylinder baffles relief (height) of auto engine is measured.

Main Information

Nanooptometrics (NOM) is a European start-up company which offers a new generation of ultra-high performance metrology instruments based on a unique and patented technology of white light optical interferometry. 

Our current product portfolio includes a non-contact profilometer to measure the roughness and optical form of various surfaces with up to 1nm precision, 100mm field of view without stitching and built-in vibration resistance algorithm.

NOM's profilometer unique features includes:

  • Ability to measure at a sample distance up to 1 meter. This allows flexibility in packaging the system and implementing in-situ to the process flow or equipment
  • Inherent insensitivity to vibration. Expected to enable implementation without large mass base or air table requirement
  • 100 mm field of view without stitching, 100 mm feature height range
  • Selectivity along the line of sight

Latest News


NOM visiting MINC incubator...

In February 2015 Nanooptometrics (NOM) has been invited to MINC incubator in Malmo (Sweden) for an introductory week about Swedish innovation system. This was an inspiring ex...


Nanoopometrics presentation at CR Per...

Commercialization Reactor (CR) was founded in Riga in 2009, with an aim to establish new modern  enterprises on the basis of scientific and technological achievements: ...


Visiting SPIE Photonics Europe 2014...

In June 2014 Nanooptometrics representative visited largest photonics event in Europe: SPIE Photonics Europe Conference & Exhibition 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. This was a grea...


Financing for business development...

On December 2013 Nanooptometrics received pre-seed stage financing from Imprimatur Capital Fund Management (Latvia) for optical profiler technology and overall business ...

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