Brief information

NOM's current product portfolio includes a non-contact profilometer for measuring forms and roughness of different surfaces at nm scale precision, 100mm field of view and built-in vibration resistance algorithm. Additionally, it enables to measure thickness of different films and flat parallel glass plates.

NanoOptoMetrics (NOM) profilometer characteristics

Scanning Depth

1nm - 100mm

Distance measurement

Yes, up to 1m

Measurement area (XY)

0.05 - 100mm

Roughness/Optical form measurement


Accuracy of measurement


No size/Weight Limitation


Speed of the measurement

Up to 50um/sec

Integration into Production Line


Tolerant to vibration


Selectivity along the line of the sight*


*Selectivity along the line of the sight means that the Profilometer can measure optical distances between optical surfaces which situated behind other optical elements. This feature is illustrated on the figure below. The Profilometer can measure arbitrary optical surface on the right of the figure relatively to any other optical surface. Examples of such surfaces are shown on the figure by red lines. In this case distribution of optical thickness of the optical element is measured.

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