Behind the technology

Profilometer is a metrology device for measuring forms and roughness of different surfaces. Nanootometrics (NOM) profilometer is based on unique and patented technology of white light optical interferometry with additional feature to measure thickness of different films and flat parallel glass plates.

NOM technology readiness level represents a functioning laboratory prototype of the profilometer, ready for performance demonstration.

Nanooptometrics profilometer v1.0

There are two main differences between the NOM profilometer and other optical profilometers available on the market:

  • optical scheme
  • the algorithm of reconstruction of the surface form from interference patterns

The first difference: the NOM Profilometer has another optical scheme, than other profilometers. Other profilometers include a Mirau interferometer or a Michelson interferometer and use broadband probe radiation with general form of the spectrum. The NOM Profilometer includes Fizeau interferometer and uses broadband probe radiation witch spectrum is specially prepared by the Optic former of spectrum (OFS). Our computer program operates the OFS and changes the spectrum of probe radiation.

The second diference: the algorithm of reconstruction of the surface form from interference patterns. Our reconstruction algorithm is weakly sensitive to vibrations because it reconstructs the values of vibrations from the measured data. Reconstruction algorithms of other profilometers are more sensitive to vibrations.


The video illustrates an optical thickness measurement process by means of heating up the plate with CO2 laser in a real time. The beam is moving over the plate. Plate diameter is 80 mm. The measurements have been taken from 50 cm distance

In more details NOM’s technology is illustrated in the scheme below:


In the scheme, the following designations are used: OFS – optic former of spectrum, F – fiber, BS – beam splitter, L1 – collimator, M – reference plate, S – measured surface, D – diaphragm, L2 – lens for making image, CCD – CCD or CMOS camera, PC – computer.

An optic former of spectrum is an opto-mechanical scheme, which forms optic radiation with a special form of spectrum. The radiation gets into a measuring interferometer through the fiber, where a parallel beam of the light is formed by the help of the collimator L1, illuminating the measured surface S and reference plate M. It is possible to change an aperture of the sensing beam by setting or replacing the collimator L1, what enables to study a surface of different transverse dimensions and to change transverse resolution.

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